Better Display Lyric Gaps/Pauses

Feature description:

Currently, synched lyrics have all gaps/pauses filtered out. It appears that this wasn’t originally the case.

Though this is better at not wasting space, especially with potentially messy lyrics sourced online, it is less clear that there is a gap or pause.

Solutions I see are:

  1. Ignore any blank lyrics after having already parsed one, allowing a single blank line to be shown in the lyrics
  2. Continue to display no blank lines, but still parse them for the highlighting of the current lyric, so that it doesn’t linger on the last lyric
  3. Have the original display of blank lines available behind an option

Problem solved:

The last lyric of synched lyrics remains highlighted during large gaps and short pauses.

Brought benefits:

Better readability of the lyrics.

As synched lyrics support is pretty rare, a robust lyrics support is a decent USP for the app.

Other application solutions:

foo_openlyrics for Foobar2000 (and its many predecessors) shows each blank lyric as an empty line between lyrics and doesn’t highlight any during that pause.

Additional description and context:

I understand if you don’t want to implement this as sanitising lyrics should not really be the job of the music player.

I notice that SubtitleEdit gladly outputs the blank spaces in sequence and foo_openlyrics doesn’t remove them when it combines duplicate lines into one to save space. So perhaps this is an intentional feature of the LRC format.

Sample poorly formatted lyrics (113.3 KB)

[00:00.00]No lyrics
[00:09.99]I said no lyrics...
[00:14.100]Three blank lyrics after me:
[00:24.100]Now one very long gap
[04:57.73]That was a long gap P.S.: Suck it, John Cage

Screenshots / Mockup:



Make sense, next release will support empty lines as pause indicator and merge them to limit to 1 when multiple in a row as not bringing any additional information and taking space for nothing.

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