Base artist top tracks on actual 'real-world' most popular tracks (e.g. via

Feature description:

Currently, an artist’s ‘top tracks’ list seems to be based on local data, I’m guessing favorite, play count, rating etc.

I would suggest to base the list on the actual ‘real-world’ most popular songs list (or perhaps allow both methods via a setting). I realize this likely needs some outside meta-data from e.g.

(I’m using Navidrome as a server)

Problem solved:

  1. I can’t easily get to know an artist by just listening to the best songs
  2. Even if I know the artist, sometimes you just want to listen to a ‘best of’ (because just shuffling includes too many mediocre songs)

Brought benefits:

Solves the problems listed above, which IMO are general needs. And it makes the app function more in line with what users are used to from other music apps.

Other application solutions:

They’re probably using external meta-data services like for this information. Streaming services probably just use their own DB.

Additional description and context:

Screenshots / Mockup:

Duplicate of a few.

This is currently nearly impossible to achieve in an offline first app that support a dozen different media providers with different kind of data that can or can’t be matched with API.

And since most providers does not offer proper API to do differential sync or the mdids this would be insanely slow to rebuild stuff based on fuzzy matching for large libraries.

Alright, too bad, thanks.

I did search for duplicates, but I guess I used the wrong terms.

Perhaps the different subsonic servers could agree on sending e.g. Musicbrainz metadata/ids in the future.

There’s not just subsonic at play here and not all do support mb or :slight_smile:

The other request were often for similar artist but it’s the same issue.