Bad sound quality in some files

Issue description:

I am experiencing a weird issue. Some files have very bad quality sound (at least one that I noticed). I have checked the original file and sounds fine when played on the same phone as symfonium using VLC. I am using navidrome, and the file plays correctly when using the navidrome web interface. The weirdest part is that I can observe the very same bad sound quality using other client (Feishin) on the desktop, but only when I choose the mpv playback. If I switch to the web engine in the desktop client, then the some plays normally. I am not sure if this information helps, but I suspect that should be related to the issue. I have uploaded the logs collected when playing the song through the app (“Dreaming of the Crash.ogg”). I’ll be happy to provide any more information if needed.

Thank you for this wonderful app!


Upload description: jmc@hidden

Additional information:

 Not provided 

Reproduction steps:

 1. Search for the song.
2. Start playing.
3. Bad sound quality. 

Media provider:




Do not publish your mail like that, the wizard explains that the comment is public.

Can you please also upload the song?

And you have disabled the option prefer internal decoder please test with it enabled as it’s the default.

Thanks for redacting my email, appreciate it. Enabling the option “prefer internal decoder” solved it, thanks!

For the record this is on by default :wink: