Bad looking, lossy/compressed artworks

I’ve been testing out different Jellyfin music clients and so far, Symfonium is the one with the most options.

It has a unique problem though that’s been bugging me. It lossy compresses your album artwork. On some it doesn’t look too bad, on others, lossy artefacts are clearly visible and it makes for an ugly eyesore. I know this is unique to Symfonium, because none of my other Jellyfin-based apps do this.

Is this all boiled down to a space-saving setting you need to turn off or is this something that would have to be fixed? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

If only there was a template and everything that explains that logs are mandatory …

So far I got one report of Jellyfin returning the wrong images as primary when you enable music brainz (so 200*200 images instead of full quality).

But no logs, no chocolate and no way to find out what they broke and how to get the proper quality image.

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I’m so sorry, it was genuinely an accident that I missed that. Also still trying to figure all of this stuff out as I go. I found the logs and will upload them very soon.

I need the Symfonium logs during sync [Wiki] How to gather logs and open an issue (The template explained all that ;))

I’m sorry for the delay. I followed the instructions and sent the logs in an email, only to find days and days later that the email never sent and that the email got returned to my outbox as a failure. Here are the logs directly from Symfonium. I followed all of the instructions and recreated the issue by playing a few songs with the lossy looking artworks. Strangely enough, on one of the artworks this was an issue on, it seems to have resolved… Others still look the same. Artworks with gradient effects are noticeable.

Aside from this one small issue however, the app is fantastic and you have my compliments.

This log is about Navidrome sync and not Jellyfin at all …

What images have issues to be able to search the logs, really next time properly fill the template so much time lost here.

Sorry, again, I’ve been testing different servers with my music library. Navidrome was having the same artwork issue as Jellyfin on the app, so that’s why I posted those logs.

I don’t know how many times now I’ve said “sorry” for making a simple mistake. When you directed me to the logs thread, I followed all of those instructions and reported back here. After reading the template again, it appears I’ve done everything asked of me. I’ve “recreated” the issue by playing songs with the bad artworks, and exported the logs as directed.

So, here are more Jellyfin logs. I played the following songs from the following albums, almost all of which have shadows or gradient effects on the artworks that are affected by this issue.

Miley Cyrus - “Flowers” - Endless Summer Vacation
Rihanna - “Umbrella” - Good Girl Gone Bad
Taylor Swift - “Fearless” - Fearless (Taylor’s Version)
Bjork - “Hunter” - Homogenic
Whitney Houston - “You Give Good Love” - Whitney Houston

If there’s anything else I can provide, I’ll gladly do so. This really is only a minor issue, and if it’s fixed, I intend to buy the full version of the app when my trial runs out.

You need to understand that Symfonium does not compress the images it display what it get from the server. And this is more about finding why it sends low quality images and how to workaround.

Sounds like the online source images for your albums are low quality and are returned.

For Subsonic you can disable the option fetch additional metadata and it should prefer the local images @deluan is there’s a doc about art order of the album cover art ?

For Jellyfin there’s a known issue where it return a low quality image as primary in some case and I hope your logs will show how I can know and workaround if the logs does include a full sync as requested when I’ll look into them tomorrow.

Thanks for the response. I had a feeling it could be related to the server. Strangely though, some apps don’t have this issue. I have changed the settings in Jellyfin and Subsonic (Navidrome) to retrieve the embedded images in the song files, and disabled the use of artwork services. All of my embedded artworks are at least 1500px or slightly less, so I don’t know why it’s returning low quality images. Anyways, I hope my logs have the information you need. Thank you for your time.

For subsonic as I said I do request another endpoint by default, that might return other images. You can disable that option and from the link Deluan gave this should ensure that the embedded artwork is used.
Solving that case.

And just get home and quickly looked at the logs, this does not contains a sync …

@Nippi please ensure that the log contains a full sync to see what the server sends.

Here you are. Hope these have what you need, let me know! com/file/d/19kmt_m7mAB7Bpwof9inw3uBx4KtJq2NN/view?usp=drivesdk

Delete the space between the dot and com. Wouldn’t let me post.

Ok so the server only returns 1 primary image and there’s 0 information about sizes or anything.

But while there’s only 1 primary there’s 2 primary blur hashes … But with the same hash so well …

I can see the 1500 image in the media so will be fun to guess what they do …

Can you provide me an access to your server and some of those media so I can check the content of all the other images they return in case the proper one is returned on something else ?

  "Name": "You Give Good Love",
  "ServerId": "e1869f0fb6ff406ca904d2fcd36f90a9",
  "Id": "75d3d010c3401950d4cd74028de7c06e",
  "DateCreated": "2023-03-21T06:38:16.2690873Z",
  "SortName": "0001 - 0001 - You Give Good Love",
  "PremiereDate": "1985-01-01T00:00:00.0000000Z",
  "MediaSources": [
      "Protocol": "File",
      "Id": "75d3d010c3401950d4cd74028de7c06e",
      "Path": "D:\\Phone Backups (Galaxy S9)\\March 2023\\SD Card\\Music\\Whitney Houston\\Whitney Houston\\01 You Give Good Love.m4a",
      "Type": "Default",
      "Container": "m4a",
      "Size": 11882273,
      "Name": "01 You Give Good Love",
      "IsRemote": false,
      "ETag": "b34b3e64d799f9997877d8244b765a56",
      "RunTimeTicks": 2767121920,
      "ReadAtNativeFramerate": false,
      "IgnoreDts": false,
      "IgnoreIndex": false,
      "GenPtsInput": false,
      "SupportsTranscoding": true,
      "SupportsDirectStream": true,
      "SupportsDirectPlay": true,
      "IsInfiniteStream": false,
      "RequiresOpening": false,
      "RequiresClosing": false,
      "RequiresLooping": false,
      "SupportsProbing": true,
      "MediaStreams": [
          "Codec": "aac",
          "CodecTag": "mp4a",
          "Language": "und",
          "TimeBase": "1/44100",
          "DisplayTitle": "AAC - Stereo - Default",
          "IsInterlaced": false,
          "ChannelLayout": "stereo",
          "BitRate": 320001,
          "Channels": 2,
          "SampleRate": 44100,
          "IsDefault": true,
          "IsForced": false,
          "Profile": "LC",
          "Type": "Audio",
          "Index": 0,
          "IsExternal": false,
          "IsTextSubtitleStream": false,
          "SupportsExternalStream": false,
          "Level": 0
          "Codec": "mjpeg",
          "ColorSpace": "bt470bg",
          "TimeBase": "1/90000",
          "IsInterlaced": false,
          "BitDepth": 8,
          "RefFrames": 1,
          "IsDefault": false,
          "IsForced": false,
          "Height": 1500,
          "Width": 1500,
          "RealFrameRate": 90000,
          "Profile": "Baseline",
          "Type": "EmbeddedImage",
          "AspectRatio": "1:1",
          "Index": 1,
          "IsExternal": false,
          "IsTextSubtitleStream": false,
          "SupportsExternalStream": false,
          "PixelFormat": "yuvj420p",
          "Level": -99
      "MediaAttachments": [],
      "Formats": [],
      "Bitrate": 343527,
      "RequiredHttpHeaders": {},
      "DefaultAudioStreamIndex": 0
  "Path": "D:\\Phone Backups (Galaxy S9)\\March 2023\\SD Card\\Music\\Whitney Houston\\Whitney Houston\\01 You Give Good Love.m4a",
  "ChannelId": null,
  "Genres": [
  "RunTimeTicks": 2767121920,
  "ProductionYear": 1985,
  "IndexNumber": 1,
  "ParentIndexNumber": 1,
  "IsFolder": false,
  "Type": "Audio",
  "GenreItems": [
      "Name": "Pop",
      "Id": "f1f202f389018ad2c0766af4b0fcb155"
  "ParentLogoItemId": "006c9253923d13c35ed598b2da86e6e9",
  "ParentBackdropItemId": "006c9253923d13c35ed598b2da86e6e9",
  "ParentBackdropImageTags": [
  "UserData": {
    "PlaybackPositionTicks": 0,
    "PlayCount": 6,
    "IsFavorite": false,
    "LastPlayedDate": "2023-04-10T17:02:53.9029732Z",
    "Played": true,
    "Key": "Whitney Houston-Whitney Houston-0001-0001You Give Good Love"
  "Artists": [
    "Whitney Houston"
  "ArtistItems": [
      "Name": "Whitney Houston",
      "Id": "006c9253923d13c35ed598b2da86e6e9"
  "Album": "Whitney Houston",
  "AlbumId": "458a0c8589dd052346803478ad6e8750",
  "AlbumPrimaryImageTag": "5a71f95133dd9e04a201bc2e7a4c21f9",
  "AlbumArtist": "Whitney Houston",
  "AlbumArtists": [
      "Name": "Whitney Houston",
      "Id": "006c9253923d13c35ed598b2da86e6e9"
  "ImageTags": {
    "Primary": "1d45a7465fe385bab94b4f1d31bfcabc"
  "BackdropImageTags": [],
  "ParentLogoImageTag": "0b1cd818d1a73426c1933fd6ad05e50d",
  "ImageBlurHashes": {
    "Primary": {
      "1d45a7465fe385bab94b4f1d31bfcabc": "eWP4SY$%}q={-UrCoew^V@M|-9oeI=V[W;^4aeI;t7oyrraeNwbIWV",
      "5a71f95133dd9e04a201bc2e7a4c21f9": "eWP4SY$%}q={-UrCoew^V@M|-9oeI=V[W;^4aeI;t7oyrraeNwbIWV"
    "Logo": {
      "0b1cd818d1a73426c1933fd6ad05e50d": "OHPGKys;t7.74U%f4n_M8{fQx[V[-;WB4n.7%MRQRjoft7"
    "Backdrop": {
      "e1af802b71d487fcca7f681ba62bb570": "WEBDKG.8RPRO4.Rk8{D%WAs=t8xZ0KM{j=?axvsm~W?HxtE1IURi"
  "LocationType": "FileSystem",
  "MediaType": "Audio"

How so? Like an account you can access the server from? I can possibly do this, just let me know what you want to check out.

I just need an account with access to a few of those songs to test all the images the API return and figure out what is going on.

If possible you can also include a few songs that work properly to play the find the diff game.

You can send the details in PM.

Ok thanks for the access so this is a strange dithering issue on Android when resizing the images.

Next time please fill the template with screenshots and everything will be much easier :wink:

Whatever you did it looks better! I still see some lossy artifacts, but overall it’s improved. The only thing I couldn’t find was to clear the image cache which might solve the issue after your patch? I rescanned and replaced metadata. I’ll look again in settings.