Backup library after scanning

Is there anyway to backup the library after everything is scanned? I thought that the backup function was to backup the library, but it’s for the sources… If I make a factory reset or have another device, it would be much easier and faster to set it all up again.
I see that I have access to Android/Data/, and the cache folder has the album covers. But I suspect these have unique names and maybe won’t be associated with a new Sync, maybe the new sync will recreate these files again…

Fill the template ???

And no the library will never be fully backup since it’s build from the tags, there’s no need to store the same data again.

What is currently missing is the backup of the playcounts / favorites and playlists that will come at some point.

Feature description:

I’m using the Samba provider. Since the IP is the same (192.168.1.x), the Mounted and Shared Folder are the same, the Artist, Album, etc are always the same, the same database is built with each sync. If I reset my phone, the same database will be built from that same provider. A full sync takes several hours, and can take also several tries if the app crashes.

Problem solved:

It would save a lot of time if, when the DB is completely built, export that database (DB file, image cache, etc.) to a file that could be imported later to that same phone, or even a different device, and so the database would be instantly built and available.

Brought benefits:

Saving a lot of time and effort to rebuild a database, especially from Online/LAN providers with tens of thowsands of albums. It would only take a “Export DB”, and later “Import DB”, and that’s it.

Other application solutions:

Neutron Music Player has the app settings and files database (Artists, Albums, tags, etc) on a folder accessible to the user. It is only necessary to save that folder and copy it back to the same location after a phone factory reset or between phones, and there is no need to rescan the entire provider, be it local or remote.