Backup include local ratings

Feature description:

The backup should include the local rating of each song.

Already mentionned here: New Song User Rating - #2 by Tolriq

Problem solved:

When switching local devices (or after loosing one for example) I have lost all the ratings of all my songs.
The rating of thousands of songs is very tedious, so the local data of rating per song is very valuable.

I realize, this is only a problem because the ratings are localy saved and not synced with the mediaprovide emby/jellyfin, as the arent using 5-star-ratings of media. I also read somewhere on here that it is hard for a local device to change data on the jellyfin-server.

Brought benefits:

When switching devices or even when using several devices, one could restore from backup and have not only the “settings and media providers” (as stated in the wiki, about Backups), but also the very valuable and personal data of rating per song.

Other application solutions:

dont know

Additional description and context:

I assume that the amount of data is pretty big, as it would need to store the 0-5 rating (or 0-10?) of each song, so that could easily be thousands of rating-songID combinations. The backup is now only a few KBs big, so it would probably get considerably bigger.
But I dont think that would be a problem, as backups can be a few hundred MBs with no problem (for example the backups from the messenger signal)

Screenshots / Mockup:


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I saw that the Update 9.1.0 added the possibility of exporting the local userdata as a json. I appreciate the change and the choice of an easy readable format.

What I find weird is that this function is not found right by the backup function but more “hidden” under the advanced settings.
But its fine.

What I am not sure is how to import user data onto a new phone?
Will there be a “restore from backup” and then a “restore userdata from .json” option?
It would be optimal to be able to select the things I want imported/restored like song ratings but not play-count for example.

This is not a backup file and there’s no restore.
This is a tool for some users to be able to script things from the data.

The full data backup restore is planned at some point but incredibly complex with the multi provider stuff.


+1 for this. Was going to create a post asking if user ratings disappear when a local provider is changed etc or if they match to the songs and are preserved. It is very valuable data because user ratings is one of the best filters for smart playlists by itself or working alongside other filters. Its hell to have to rate thousands of songs over.

In the latest backup there was further development on backups, so it seems that it gets worked on.
It is such a great app, I recommended it already twice to a friend and my brother.

Yup, wish I found out about it sooner. Don’t know how I missed it in all this time. I’ve tried pretty much all the major music players and was a long time BlackplayerEX user; musicolet, poweramp etc all of them and and this is the first one to feel this well thought out and packed with features. Has almost everything I personally need and waaaay more and its pretty.