Autoplay When Current Now Playing Queue Ends

Feature description:

So I tried looking for this request but don’t think I saw this suggested. I was wondering if when your current now playing queue ends if there can be an option to have it continue playing something else? My first suggestion would be to auto queue up the last “continue album listening” queue you have built into the app. My second suggestion to this is also letting you have a second option to select a playlist which will auto queue once now playing ends, bonus points if you can have the ability to start it shuffled.

Problem solved:

Not really a problem most of the time but I definitely feel this adds functionality. It would also solve the problem if I am in the car and my album finishes I no longer have to look at my phone to queue something else which adds additional safety.

Brought benefits:

This would allow users the choice to no longer go to silence or stop playing if the music queued runs out. It doesn’t sound like much but to me its a huge benefit to have as a fallback.

Other application solutions:

I have used Musicbee which has auto dj setting which allows songs to auto queue based on a number of rules. I am basing this suggestion on this with much simpler options that I believe can be implemented?

Additional description and context:

This can be an option added to settings under playback with 3 options, default off, 2nd option to auto queue the latest “continue album listening”, and 3rd option to select a playlist to auto queue which is also auto shuffled.

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There’s plans for that but not like you describe.

The problem is that there’s not enough metadata to properly match similar stuff like some would want.
Auto playing a fixed playlist or a album that was last played without control does not make a lot of sense.

The goal is more to find a relatively working way to enable an auto radio mode that queue some songs related to what was played before.

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Honestly if the auto radio mode is the alternative then I am more for that! I think I requested that last year but you seemed like it was out of the question then.
I thought this was something easier to pull off since I thought all that would be needed was a call to the Playlist or other queue. By all means if you can get the radio with similar music working someday that’s great news! It’s the only feature left I can think of that makes this perfect.

Thanks for everything.

I was interested in this topic as well. If/When this gets implemented, it would be a great addition to the application. Thank you for your work