Automatic playlists import

Feature description:

In case playlists are created on the server side, it would be nice to have them automatically imported to the client without having to import them manually. Also, enabling specific toggles while doing so is a key feature of this

Problem solved:

I find it quite handy that you don`t have to remember to import them manually

Brought benefits:

Playlists are not generated on the server every day so its good that you dont have to remember to import them and just find them available in your Symfonium app every time you open it

Other application solutions:

 DSub foresee something similar I believe 

Additional description and context:

 Tasker/API functions for own automation as Talriq suggested :) 

Screenshots / Mockup:


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Plexamp works like that, Plex playlists just show up. It would be nice to get them by default in Symfonium, perhaps tagged so they are easy to identify as such. Even “Import All” doesn’t seem to work, most of the playlists are gray with a note about big playlists.

Plexamp is single server and not offline first, it just displays the server data and have nothing in common with Symfonium …

Plex SmartPlaylists should just be recreated in Symfonium as it’s more performant and efficient.

Can import from Plex mean create an equivalent Symfonium smart playlist rather than importing the list of songs?

No they are not compatible. You can recreate them manually.

Thanks @Tolriq for the implementation! It`s great! Do you have the endpoint name written somewhere also? Because in the wiki I see only the MEDIA_SYNC but I am not sure this is the one… Thanks!

Sorry forget to update the docs it’s done now.