Automatic offline cache rules ignoring WiFi only rule

Issue description:

  • There’s an issue that whenever I set some autocaching rule like keeping a playlist or artist always cached, I noticed that it ignores the rule of only WiFi downloading. Actually I accidentally flipped the new Automatic Offline Cache of favorite albums and songs switch in the settings and din’t notice until it has burned through all of my remaining mobile data for the month.

Logs: (2.5 МБ)

There is no downloads in that log.

But you have a ton of auto download rules, it’s probably easier to just cache all :stuck_out_tongue:

Not really lol my music server has about 171 gigabytes of music, it just ain’t gonna fit on my phone.
As for the log, no idea why tbh, mb try this one? (6.8 КБ)

Unfortunately since the caching exhausted my mobile plan for now I can’t really do any more of the logs, will have to wait till friday when it resets. Sorry!

No download in those either.

Hello! Sorry it took so long (89,9 КБ)

Logs does not show the connectivity that’s strange, it’s probably fixed in next release as I’ve added some more security around that.

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