Auto offline favourites

Just like most music players (Spotify, AirSonic, etc…) have a toggle which allows you to have your favourites made available offline

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You can already do that actually.

Create a smart playlist with the rule is favorite, then enable smart sync on it. Anything added as favorite will be cached.

The problem about linking auto offline with favorites is to remove the offline cache when removed from favorites but mixed with automatic rules this leads to conflicting state.

So to resume I can probably add the auto cache when favorited, but I do not like the impact of the automatic removal of the cache when unfavorited due to the possible conflicts.

Thanks for your answer!
I haven’t figured out how to create smart playlists, it just says “create playlist from library view” but then I don’t have any create button in the library tab, any tips is appreciated thanks!
For the conflicts, I am assuming you can already get into those conflicting states with more than 2 automatic rules no? Say if I edit the tags of a song, or change the metadata (ex: date) because it might have been wrong?

See [Wiki] Smart filters and [Wiki] Smart playlists
I guess I’ll need to add the direct button creation in the playlist part :frowning:

About the conflict there’s none for the moment as there’s no automatic deletion.

Ahh ok I figured it out. It was a bit confusing since there’s a “favourite” toggle in the filter creation menu, but this filter does not actually affected the created filter
Thanks you for your help

I think a simple toggle in the favourite view would have made it much easier though, I got Symfonium a while ago, but I haven’t used it yet hoping for this to be implemented, not knowing it was already possible

For the conflict part, I think that some “cache cleaning” routine checking that a cached song should still be cached running on favourite deletion could make it possible to not worry about conflicts maybe?

Anyway thanks again!

The problem about conflict is more about the song being present in some random playlist with auto cache enabled.

You unfavorite it’s removed then downloaded again when the playlist is synced but not directly because the playlist is not actually edited so there’s no sync started. Not talking about the guy who forget he enabled that, manually cache some songs then unfavorite and it’s removed from cache when he still wanted it cached.

There’s so many possible edge case with users unhappy that I’m not sure if I’ll ever go the auto uncache way. It’s better to have too much things cached, than the one you want to listen to not present.

So if I understand properly you would still be able to add the toggle in the favourite view, but without un-caching the un-favourited songs?
It would act the same as creating the smart playlist but with way less steps?

No it would be an option in the settings that says auto cache favorite items.

So it would be a little different from the smart playlist as you could favorite an artist and it would offline cache all the artist, as for album and songs too. But I’m not sure it’s really worth it seeing the power of the smart playlists. Just need to make them more obvious to create.

Smart playlist is more powerful because you can add the rules you want, like favorite but with rating > 3 or more recent than 2020 or anything you want.