Audiobooks setup?

Issue description:

I tried importing an audiobook and it appears alongside the rest of my music library in Symfonium. It looks like Symfonium supports audiobooks, but I’m not sure I’m using it properly. Do audiobooks appear in their own category, separate from music? Do they get mixed in when shuffling songs? I’m surprised to see the author of the book list among music artists.

I’m hoping I just configured my library incorrectly. I added a new library in Jellyfin and gave it the “Books” designation, then placed my audiobooks according to Jellyfin’s recommended layout.

Logs: (15.9 KB)


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Most providers do not have a special AudioBook type so there’s no special listing.

You are supposed to have them in a different library like you do then use the filters [Wiki] How to globally filter displayed data (Media providers, libraries, only offline media, ...)

to switch from audio books to the rest and vice versa.