Audiobooks from Jellyfin not Detected

Probably it’s not a bug, just a simple question so no log attached.
I would like to play some audiobook from Jellyfin but Symfonium imports only Music folders, not Books as well.
Is there any trick or something to import audiobooks as well or I would have to change library type to music?

For the moment yes it needs to be music type
Jellyfin handling of books with mixed audio books and real books is a mess to support properly only the audio part.

I’ll probably hack something to support them at some point if enough interest but there’s no benefits of using that library type for only audio books.

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Thank you for considering this.
I’ve found why audiobooks are not detected even when library is set to music. All my audiobooks have Genre set to Audiobook and that’s why Jellyfin hides them in music libraries. So probably re-tagging them to music and put in a music library should fix the problem but if it won’t be a problem for you, it would be nice to keep audiobooks separately. Thanks.

Why would they hide those in the libraries makes no sense, they really added support for that in a strange way, why not follow Emby … The issue with books is that artists and albums can be empty or have wrong data if you only sync the audio part of them.

Please provide logs of a full sync so I can see what they return.

I couldn’t find any info about audiobooks folder so I readded Jellyfin account but still no record in logs.
Audiobooks folder is called “ADB” and it’s visible in the Symfonium it’s empty and nothing about it in logs. (10,0 MB)

Ok so that’s strange.

Can you give me a guest access on that server with access to the audio book and that ADB section so I can try to get it to work? (In PM)