Audiobook QOL feature request

Two very useful features that would be good for audiobooks and one of which would also be good for podcasts.

  1. Current chapter progress. The ability to see the progress of your current chapter in an audiobook. This would be very useful when trying to find or resume at a specific spot as currently you only see the progress for the entire book. It is difficult when you get into books that are days long.

  2. This one was requested before but I feel needs mentioning again as it would be huge QOL feature not only for audiobooks, but podcasts and other long audio files.
    Bookmarks. The ability to bookmark current progress. Especially useful when listening in a situation or environment where distraction or sleep can take you away from your audio.

For the record there’s a template for a reason :slight_smile:

Can you share such file so I can have a reference very long file for tests?

For 2) There’s already automatic resume points. Most providers do not support more than that and I for the moment I can’t see what manual bookmark would add here.

If you are willing i can message you a google drive for a file you can use.

@Got_Deik Yes that would be nice.

@Tolriq I am a bit hesitant to post a gdrive link right in this chat, is there an actual way fo me to message you directly? I was not able to see one.

You can click my name and select Message or chat.

Hmmm, not seeing the options, I’ll put the link here, let me know once you download it so I can remove the link.

Got it 9’ll edit your post

Thank you. I hope it is helpful for testing and that you enjoy it in the process.

I’m wayyyy too lazy to listen to Audio Books in English as I’m not a native speaker :slight_smile:

But the Goto dialog for the next release works and will be the solution until I refactor completely the chapters handling.