Audiobook-focused UI customization

Feature description:

  • Have the “Expanded Now Playing” settings section include options to toggle off buttons like “Previous”, “Next” and to add buttons like “Sleep Timer”

  • Option for it to show chapter information rather than cover art.

  • Option for the seek-bar to represent chapters, not the whole audiobook.

Problem solved:

Being sleepy or careless, I might wanna check chapter progress or set a sleep timer, but an accidental touch or swipe could land on “Next” and start playing a different book or I might not the seekbar and lose my position in a book that is 10-60h long.

Brought benefits:

I would be able to use the app for my audiobooks just as conveniently as others of the kind. As I don’t have or use music with it, that’s the only use I have for Symfonium.

In case, you would like to know. Only Symfonium among the three or so apps with Plex-audiobook support was able to properly play the chapters of the Lord of the Rings audiobook. The other apps couldn’t figure out how to deal with a single file that contained several books and duplicate chapter numbers. Symfonium handles that flawlessly.

Other application solutions:

 Podcast addict has pretty extensive customizability, but I don’t know how it handles chapters actually . 

Additional description and context:

 Not provided 

Screenshots / Mockup:



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This is mostly a duplicate, but as explained elsewhere for the moment Symfonium can not differentiate AudioBooks from albums so can’t offer specific UI things for AudioBooks as it would break the Album usage.

What are about those, like me, who ONLY use it for audiobooks?

And what about all the others ? :wink:

The easy solution is to enable a toggle in the settings to allow for audiobook-only mode. It’s customization.