Audiobook Features

The app has most of the basic audiobook options which are great but would love to see a few extra features if possible.

• Support for chapters in m4b and mp3 files.
• Skip Silence.
• Voice boost.
• pleasant color scheme by extracting colors from the cover of the album like what Plexamp does.

Never used chapters can you share privately a file with those so I can see what data Plex returns?

Same a file with silences so I can see if plex returns info about those.

For voice boost, I’m not sure the engine I use can do that, can you describe what you expect from it?

For the color scheme there’s color extraction for the now playing screen already, during navigation for the moment I preferred to keep consistency considering material you and custom importable themes.

Where would you want to see it?

sent you a pm on reddit.

You can try the chapter, Skip Silence, Voice boost option with Voice audiobook player its available on the play store and opensource GitHub - PaulWoitaschek/Voice: Minimalistic audiobook player

I like the way plexamp does change the color of the whole app based on currently playing File or what was the last played item

Thanks, for the colors open a different thread with details, but this kinda defeat the whole material you theming. There’s currently no API to really manually generate a full m3 theme from an image. Seems they landed the code in 12L AOSP but not looked into that yet, so open the issue for later check.

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Skip silence and volume boost are present in 0.9.5

thanks, this got added so fast…i was busy, so I was unable to provide the screenshot.