Audio randomly gets sped up and distorted

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I will open the app and go to play a song off of my Jellyfin server and sometimes the audio will come through sped up and distorted. I own a few android devices and this issue has happened on all of them.
These devices are: Google Pixel 7, Samsung Galaxy A15 5G, Samsung Galaxy Tab S9. I only have logs from my Galaxy Tab S9 which I will post. The issue will not go away unless the app is uninstalled. In the case of my Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 it went away after changing the song. If this issues appears on others devices I will also upload the logs.


Upload description: Audio gets randomly sped up and distorted.

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You have unchecked the option prefer internal decoder, your device decoders fails on those media.

Enable back the prefer internal decoder option that is on by default.

That was quick.
When it happened on My Pixel 7 that setting was on but I don’t have any logs to share. I forgot to mention that it happend with an external Dac on those devices. In the case of my tablet that setting was off and now it’s on. Just wanted to say that this is a great app Tolriq, the fact that you have this form page that you read so quickly is amazing I wish more developers could be like you.

Then provide logs after the option enabled and an app restart.

I’ll see if I can replicate the issue and I will provide the logs. if this issue doesn’t come back then we will leave it up to user error.