Audio muted all the time

Issue description:

Used to work fine. Occasionally in android auto mode in the car there would be no audio but I assumed it was Auto or the car at fault.

Now the audio is silent all the time via this app. I’ve tried 2 other music apps and they work fine.

Phone has been rebooted and it made no difference.

I’ve uploaded a debug file.



Upload description: Audio muted

Additional information:



Reproduction steps:

Playing any local files are muted.

Media provider:

Local device



Try disabling some of the EQ functions you enabled to see if your device have some broken.

That fixed it! Don’t remember setting it. Certainly not recently so don’t know why it would stop working.

Anyway, thanks.

Either you had an OS update that broke those, or you miss clicked at some point and maybe put a very high negative pre amp.

There was a major os release on the phone a few weeks ago so most likely that.

I may have set these options but would have been a long time ago so more likely the update broke it.