Artistpictures from folder.jpg (cloud)

Feature description:

I don’t know whether you have already installed this function or whether I have configured Symfonium incorrectly?! It would be nice if the media provider for the Google Cloud takes artist images from the folder.jpg files into account.
I have e.g. the following folder structure:

__folder.jpg = Artistpicture
____folder.jpg = Cover 1
____1.1 track
____1.2 track
____1.3 track
____folder.jpg = Cover 2
____1.1 track
____1.2 track
____1.3 track
__folder.jpg =Artist 2 Picture

and so forth :slight_smile:

The album covers are included in the tags of my tracks

Problem solved:

Missing Artistimages

Brought benefits:

More convenience and a clearer UI

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Sorry no plans for that as it does not support multiple artists, track artists and composers.

Unfortunately there’s no easy way to address this.

No problem. I will find another solution for myself. Maybe I’ll add an artist picture in the tags. A bit inconvenient and redundant with over 50,000 tracks, but doable.

I do not support that yet too, is there an official common way for that ?

I use the Windows version of foobar2000 for tagging. But I can send you a tagged example file.

Yes to see if I can support that, thanks.

Hey, sorry to intrude but I have interest in this topic.

Id3 pictures have a picture type field, and there’s one called Lead Artist.

I uploaded a track with an artist picture, description: Artist picture tag sample.

And here’s the list of supported picture types:

If this is implemented I would think you don’t need to add the artist picture to all tracks of the artist, I would think that as long as you add it to one Symfonium will pick it up.

Well this still does not really work for multiple artists :frowning:

I uploaded a few short examples with the corresponding TAGS. They are tagged with the CDCOVER and an ARTIST image.

See here: 3.43 MB folder on MEGA

So no real way to know what the image refers too, artist, album artist, first one if there’s many :frowning:

You are right, there’s no official way to associate a picture with an existing artist.

Not sure if you are open to non standard solution, but I would like to suggest the following:

All pictures have a description field, we could use that field to specify the name of the artist.

This is of course a non-standard solution, but every audio player uses its own solution. Another far worse option would be to use a GIF, but even then you don’t have an assignment as to which artist is meant. Personally, I think a non-standard solution is better than no solution ;).