Artist images not shown anymore

Issue description:

Since Symphonium 4.1 release (not solved in 4.2), artist images are not shown anymore in Symphonium (only two of all of them are).

The server is a navidrome instance up to date to 0.49.3.

I don’t know if this issue is from navidrome or Symphonium so please find logs for both.

Thanks for your help.

Logs: (19,3 Ko)


The errors are from Navidrome

navidrome-app-1  | time="2023-03-07T10:13:41Z" level=warning msg="HTTP: GET[REDACTED]&s=[REDACTED]&v=1.13.0&c=Symfonium&f=json" elapsedTime="380.519µs" httpStatus=400 remoteAddr=xx  requestId=236926fbc6da/iZuserPE9xyy-000894 responseSize=31

Error is not very clear. Ping @deluan

You can try to remove the host and add it again in Symfonium to be sure to have fresh data.

Hi @Tolriq,

it works again like a charm after re set the host.

Thanks for your help and advice, I should have tried this before ask for help here, sorry…

Have a nice day!