Artist bios from appear in Navidrome but not in Symfonium

Issue Description

I am using Symfonium with a personal Navidrome setup and have added the integration to Navidrome to obtain artist bios/ information from there.

In the Navidrome web interface, the biographical information appears as expected for all artists (minus some very obscure local musicians).

In Symfonium, however, this same information does not appear in the corresponding section of the artist page in the app.

The only possible cause I thought might be to blame is that my phone (and thus Symfonium) is in French, but my Navidrome implementation and data are in English. I suspect this is probably not the case, though.

Full disclosure, I am new to both Symfonium and Navidrome but have about 15 years of Linux experience, mostly as a semi-proficient end-user with some limited control of the command line.

Log file is attached, but please feel free to ask should you need additional information in order to look into this.


  • File attached of log after a full sync.

debug.log (890.5 KB)


I have two screenshots, one of Symfonium, one of my Navidrome web interface for the same artist, but am not allowed to attach as a new user.

You have enabled Compatibility mode this is not necessary for Navidome. It’s way way slower and prevent bio sync by default, you’d need to enable the force artist metadata option in the media provider but that would make the sync even slower.

TL;DR uncheck the compatibility mode on your subsonic media provider in Symfonium.

Thank you! Working properly now.

I will take your advice adjust that compatibility setting since i don’t need it.

Just for the good of the order, however, what fixed it for me was turning the slow sync option (for artist metadata) in the server settings.

Just before seeing your reply, i had to change my server address in Symfonium due to a change in my setup and noticed that option and thought I’d give that a try.

Thank you so much for such a nice application and for your unexpectedly quick reply during the holiday season!