Are there any tips to make it work with plex?

Are there any tips to make it work with plex? I managed to add Kodi, but plex, I add it and it doesn’t play any music. I’m going to use the android option of clearing the data to get the log only with the plex configured.

Log: File on MEGA

It just works :slight_smile:

But those logs does not contain anything so it’s hard to know what is your issue.
No sync attempt, no play attempt, and no description of does not play.

Can you please provide logs reproducing the issue and properly describe what happens and what you see?

You know you can write something to explain your issue so that everyone gain time? :slight_smile:

From the logs you have no media.

Provide logs when force sync so I can tell you why, probably the account you use have no media access as you created a test account? :wink:

Since I use google translate, I’ll try to be concise:

I installed the app, originally added two media servers, Kodi and Plex, Kodi worked normally, plex did not. I cleared the application data, and installed only plex, without Kodi this time, and with Plex it doesn’t play any music, even though there are songs on the server and PlexAmp (plex application for this same purpose works), my question is, how do i make the app access the songs from my plex server?
Looking at the image of this wiki that you posted, I realize that on my plex server, the music folder I have there does not appear, unlike the wiki image, the Kodi folder/section for music appeared. For some reason the app doesn’t detect my songs or their section/folder on the plex server.

As said provide the logs when you sync so I can see what is going on. I can’t guess your settings. (12,3,KB)

I had previously provided the debug files via links from the hosting server, did you ever see them?

I did but none did contained the asked data :wink:

Request Error: 401 [<html><head><title>Unauthorized</title></head><body><h1>401 Unauthorized</h1></body></html>]

The account you use to connect to Plex is invalid. How do you connect to your server?

Maybe using 2fa is the cause of the problem? Here I used the same method I used in Yatse, which is to use password+2fa to login.

It should work the same. Can you provide logs starting from adding the host ? (2,0,KB)

In that log it directly failed no?

In the last one it ended up failing, more logs: (9,4,KB) (4,5,KB)

Ok thanks, seems something got broken during a refactor, will fix for next release.

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