Application autostart when any BT device connects

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As stated, the application start automatically when any BT device connects to my phone.
In Menu → Advanced → Automatic actions everything is OFF
There’s no any setting related to this behavior. How can I stop it?


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I do not see any playback starting in those logs.

If your issues is about the service starting then it’s the OS that does it to send the event, but the app does not do anything and does not use cpu or battery (unless you on purpose keep killing and restart the app, since unlike many do not believe it actually counter productive).

Yes, it’s about the service starting and a notification pops up.
The OS itself doesn’t have any kind of settings regarding this and 2-3 weeks ago that wasn’t an issue. It’s not an update, because my phone is quite old (Android 9) and there were no updates for years now.
Also, I have 3-4 different music players and symfonium is the only one starting when any BT device connects.