App not displaying all available music within Jellyfin

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Hi all,

Recently added some more music to my collection and added them as per normal to Jellyfin. within Jellyfin app and webpage ui those artists and music are all available… however the app does not appear to index all that is available. Some songs which have been favourites are now greyed out and unavailable. I have tried to re-add the Jellyfin media source, re-install the app… no dice.

Anyone else had a similar issue?


Upload description: oddsoul

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 First screenshot is Jellyfin Screenshot. Second is App 

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 Not provided 

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I need logs during a sync to see what your server sends.

It’s possible that the music are there but the API returns incorrect dates and so the recent added order is wrong.

I thought I had uploaded them with the “oddsoul” name?? How do I upload them now?

The logs did not contain the sync with the server.

@oddsoul can you provide those logs ?

Since I can’t upload for whatever reason, please see debug.log and

As I said I need logs during a full sync to see the data jellyfin sends.

Enable debug log then press the sync button. then wait then provide logs when sync is finished.