App not being responsive, hangs, or crashes when selecting songs

Issue description:

When selecting songs from the home screen, the app will frequently crash, freeze, or hang. The server is otherwise responsive from other apps and through the web.


Upload description: Picklepopper

Additional information:



Reproduction steps:

Play a song from home screen, click another item, hanging and freezing then occurs.

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Go to advanced settings, press cleanup internal states wait 1 min then try again.

Okay, I had to try this solution for a couple of days to see if it worked. It seems to have fixed the issue I was having, but I’m having a different issue.

I will click a song to play and the song will restart at about 85% of the way before completing. So it just starts at the beginning like if I hit the previous button.

Should I make a new thread for this issue?

If you want it investigated yes with small logs reproducing only this.