App no longer seen by external scrobblers

Issue description:

As of 6.1 the app is longer seen by external scrobblers, tested with both the official app as well as third party apps such as pano scrobbler.

Still works fine on my phone (Samsung s22 running android 13) on version 6.0, but my other device (Samsung s9 running android 10) with 6.1 doesn’t.

It also now vibrates as a notification, and can be silenced and functions similarly to a silenced app on my S9. Screenshots show expected behavior with Bandcamp, but the symfonium app functioned like this pre 6.0

I haven’t updated my main phone yet so I cannot confirm it is happening in both. But it should be easily reproducible with a scrobbling app, (pano scrobbler is what I use) and the latest update.

Logs: (318.3 KB)


Additional information:

You probably have enabled the advanced setting disable media session.

Else I’ll need logs that contains the app startup (so enable logs, force kill, start a playback and provide logs)

Disabling that worked. I must’ve hit the setting on accident, that’s for the quick response!