App crashes when trying to change GUI language

Issue description:

When trying to change the Interface language, it crashes before letting me choose a language.


Upload description: ddavo

Additional information:



Reproduction steps:

The current system language is Spanish

Media provider:

Any provider



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There’s no crash in those logs.

The button opens the Android dialog to change the app language.

You can do the same via the app info then language.

Seems to be a problem with MIUI (the UI of Xiaomi phones), which doesn’t support per-app language

Hum the app should not show the button them '(

Can you enable debug logs, force kill the app, go there press the button then return to app and upload new logs?

Would be nice if I could detect that and hide the button.

I’ve submitted the new logs

Thanks, but strange I don’t see what I expected.

What happen when you click the button?

The app just closes, but the music keeps playing.

Are you sure there’s not a system UI that open over it ?

The app information page.

Yeah, it doesn’t open anything. And if I manually go to the app information page, there isn’t an option to change the language. Is a problem with Xiaomi’s phones it seems.

Yes it’s MUI issue, but I was hoping to be able to detect that. Seems the intent is found and understood just do nothing so no easy way.
I can do it by device name but there’s probably custom rom that support that :frowning:

I guess I’ll just leave it like that and people will find this thread.

Thanks for the details.