App crashes during sync (importing playlists)

Issue description:

After restoring a backup that has my local device settings with “automatic playlist import” turned on, the app suddendly closes.

Although I don’t know how to confirm this, I suspect the issue happens while the app is importing the playlists because:

  • I was able to see the library data (artists, albums, songs, etc) loaded in the home page
  • The app crashes during the “finishing sync” message
  • I have around 100 playlists but only 32 of them are imported


Upload description: Import playlists crash

Additional information:

I’m using build 9.0.0B1 (1257)

Reproduction steps:


  • Start with an empty database
  • Have a list of mp3 songs and m3u playlists in your local device
  • Restore a backup that has the “playlist import” setting enabled
  • The app will close during the “finishing sync” phase

Media provider:

Local device



Unfortunately your device is too old to properly report previous crash and your crash did not reach the crash log server. (Did you disable crash reports?)

I would need a bug report Capture and read bug reports  |  Android Studio  |  Android Developers

No problem, I think I can do that, I’ll get it tomorrow, thanks.

Upload to the secure site or by mail it can have sensitive info in it.
And needs to be done not far from the crash :slight_smile:

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You were right, I had crash reporting disabled so I created another log with crash reporting enabled so hopefully something is reported in your server.

I also created this bug report right after the crash.

Log and bug report files uploaded with the description: “Import playlist crash bug report”

Well there’s no crash, it’s the OS that kills the app because it does not like that it does too much work to import all your stuff :frowning:

Check to see what applies to your device.

Ok, I’ll give it a try later today.

Well, I think I have followed all the steps in the Don’t Kill My App site but it’s still being killed.

I’ll give up for now. This is a nice feature for me since I have hundreds of playlists, but it is not a deal breaker.

If I can, I’ll give this feature a try with another device and with beta 2.

Try the same device and beta 2, I’ve throttled things a lot so it will probably not trigger this (let’s hope)

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So I tried with the same device (Galaxy S8) and beta 2 and got the same result, although this time it took longer to crash/close.

Then I tried on a newer device (Galaxy S21) and I did not have any issues.

I’ll leave it for now, if I gather more useful info I’ll get back to it.