Any way to sync Now Playing position across devices?

My use-case: I have an android tablet in my car and my android phone in my pocket. I use both to listen to audiobooks. I want to be able to seamlessly switch from one device to the other and pick up listening to the same audiobook where I left off on the other device without having to manually remember and scrub for a timestamp on the play progress bar.

I currently have my audiobooks stored on a Plex server and usually download or perma-cache them on the two android devices. But I am willing and able to set up any of the open source media providers that Symfonium supports.

My questions:

  1. Is there a media provider that I can set up now that supports my use-case? (based on my experience, it does not seem that the Plex media provider does so)?

  2. If not, can we consider this a feature request? Maybe something as simple as saving a little JSON in a specific shared directory (like in dropbox or something) could support this functionality without too much effort (not trying to XY you - I’d be happy with any solution for my use-case).

Plex can support it if you enable position store on the libraries.

Else most providers support that too.

Thank you, I must be doing something wrong somewhere because after pausing on my tablet, i take out my phone and the timeline hasn’t advanced. This is what the configuration on my Plex audiobook library looks like:

Ho yes realtime sync accross device is not possible with any provider.

It’s all based on resume point values when you restart the playback.

You stop playback on device X, the status is pushed to server on another device you sync and you resume playback at the new position.

There’s nothing more advanced.

Feature Request: Simple, fast, sync for currently playing media across devices. Press pause / end playback in Symfonium on one device, pick up another device and open Symfonium and you are (optionally) queued to the same playback position on the same media on the second device.

(my Plex library has a lot of media - it takes a pretty long time to fully sync it and that’s on my local LAN. I think it would be impractical on mobile data).

There’s no magic in apps, it would require a server to coordinate that.

Would you pay a monthly subscription for such feature?

I probably wouldn’t pay a monthly subscription for it.

This might not work for you, but if I were going to implement a feature like this, I’d write a little JSON file with the necessary metadata to a syncable directory (BOX, dropbox, onedrive, syncthing, etc) on the device. Each instance of Symfonium would store a last modified date for that file on the local device and would then periodically re-read the file (and make adjustments) if the current last modified date is greater than the stored one. That way Symfonium gets the server without having to maintain the server.

Just a thought and my use-case might not be important to many people so I understand if it seems too low a priority. Symfonium is very beautiful.

Would be nice if it was that easy :wink:

2 devices playing 2 different music at the same time? Offline playback and inconsistency resolution and so much more other cases.