Android streamer - Gapless support

Issue description:

Failed gapless playback on Eversolo DMP-A6

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Simply, a distinct pause where gapless playback should exist. This occurs when using Symfonium on my Pixel 6A trying to playback via UPnP to my music streamer - Eversolo DMP-A6. Symfonium directly installed on the A6 plays gapless perfectly.

This is definitely my music streamers issue, not Symfoniums, as other applications can’t play gapless via UPnP to this device either. nextTrackError is the error in Logiech Media Server logs. I am raising this issue primarily with support from Eversolo. Just thought to share logs here also if any pertinent info might be unturned. I shared logs with ‘UPnP gapless support’ both on and off in advanced settings.

Thanks for the great app. (50.7 KB) (3.7 KB)

Additional information:

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Symfonium: 5.7.0-1078 Android: 13 - 33 [arm64-v8a,armeabi-v7a,armeabi]
Device: google - Pixel 6a [bluejay - bluejay]

The logs are incomplete and does not show the connection to the renderer to see what it returns.

But yes from the little available I guess the device does not support UPnP Gapless.

Huh, sorry. Are these any better? Thanks for the response. (553.4 KB)

Well they are but you have disabled gapless in the settings :wink:

Whoops! Users are the worst :eyes: (100.2 KB)

Ok so yes :

2023-09-10 15:48:18.007 T:UPnPRenderer
Gapless support: false

The device does not expose a SetNextAVTransportURI endpoint. Nothing can be done on Symfonium side.

Thanks for your help. Much appreciated. Will share elsewhere.