Android Pop-out window feature doesn't work with Symfonium

Issue description:

Seems like there is an issue with Symfonium where it freezes when using Android’s built-in pop-out window feature.

I’ve tried several other apps and all of them work fine, I can pop-out the app and resize the window etc. and everything remains responsive to touch. But not with Symfonium. In fact Once I pop out the symfonium app, if I try to “Maximize” it using the button on the top right of the pop-up window, Symfonium will remain unresponsive to touch. Only way to fix it is to fully close the app and reopen it.


debug.log (108.5 KB)


Video demo:

The log is incomplete as it lack information about Symfonium and your device.

But you are using an old version of Symfonium.

I will send new logs with latest version shortly. But, are you able to replicate this issue? Is the pop-out windows working on your device? That would help figure out if it’s a device specific issue or a bug in symfonium.

Pop out is not a standard Android feature so no I can’t reproduce.

Full logs would have told what device you actually have :wink:

Tried on latest beta version still with same issue. Also can reproduce this issue on different devices. Safe to say there’s something going on with Symfonium and the Pop out/freeform window feature.

New logs:

debug.log (37.7 KB)

Again this is not a standard Android feature at all …

But thanks for remembering me the name freeform and the “Experimental” freeform dev option.

And as expected it work fine on my devices.

So the issue is more about your OS and interaction with Compose apps.

Yes depending on the OS it’s either something you have to enable in dev options or it’s part of the OS out of the box. In my case I tried both on a device where I had to enable it in dev options and another device where it’s just part of the OS by default.

But just out of curiosity, what OS are you running there? Is that a pixel phone?
Anyhow, it seems to be working fine on your side so I’m not sure where to go from here unfortunately.

Pixel and emulators, but since it’s experimental and not an issue on stock Android Google probably won’t be able to do anything if it’s an issue in Compose side.