Android auto steering wheel "next" command jumps 2 songs

Issue description:

Symfonium 5.5.0 (1030)
Ford Focus Android auto

the behaviour is quite strange

When Symfonium is on main screen of android auto and sterreing wheel commands are used for next/previous, or when tactile screen commands are used for next/previous, it jumps only 1 song in playlist => normal

When Symfonium is switched to the secondary android auto screen, the use of steering wheel commands for previous /next jumps 2 songs. tactile commands works flawlessly. (649 Octets)

I need logs reproducing the issue.

how to do ? activate debug ?

The template you deleted explained all that and gave the links for the doc.

I guess we’ll never know.

You’ll know next Time i use the car.

debug.log (1,4 Mo)

Heres the log

When its on thé player on Android auto thé next button on steering wheel jumps 2 songs. When its on thé playlist on Android auto thé button correctly jumps to thé next song

Got them by mail earlier.

This is a mix of your car sending non standard events and the Google library not handling them properly.

Will add a workaround in next release.