Android Auto Shuffle "Favourite Songs" List

Switched from Plexamp after realizing the limitations with downloads. This app handles it much better!

Feature description:

  1. Would like to see and play “Favourite Songs” within Android Auto on and offline.

Problem solved:

On the app if I disable wifi and mobile data I can still play my music, so I assume it’s pulling from the playlist downloaded on my phone. I can also do this for the “Favourite songs” list created by favoriting songs. However, with AA, I can’t even see the favorite songs list.

I’d like the ability to shuffle this list within AA on and offline, much like I can with the phone app.

Brought benefits:

The favoriting system is used to add songs to an auto-playlist of sorts, though it isn’t technially a playlist in this app. People use auto playlists as a way to quickly add songs they want to listen to into a custom list and shuffle through them. If we can’t play favorited songs through AA, then we’d have to create a second playlist containing a subsection of what we want to listen to, then shuffle through that instead.


It’s already possible, you just need to import the default smart playlists or create a favorite song smart playlist manually.

Ah, I’m sorry, you are correct. I’m not used to being able to create smart playlists. Thanks!