Android auto not working well

Issue description:

When i try to start in Android auto, i Can’t see anything on thé screen

I Can hear music,


Upload description: M’y djdmd14 logs

Additional information:

 Not provided 

Reproduction steps:

 Android auto v10.9

Xiaomi redmi note 9 pro

Android 12

Car → MG4 Luxury 

Media provider:





What do you mean by start in Android Auto?

The screenshot is barely lisible. And the logs does not show Android Auto commands or anything related to AA.

Sounds like an issue occurring before even reaching Symfonium.

When i Say start Android auto in plugin thé câble in m’y phone, then wait symfonium to start Android as it doesn’t start automaticaly then click on the icon in Android auto screen

Then it starts on the phone but stuck like the screenshots on the car screen

I have test same manipulation with dSub and everything went well.

Please make proper logs and a video of what you do, you say the app block on the phone but you can play music.

Try to reboot the phone first.

How Can i upload a video ?

Thx here are some videos

Some videos from djdmd14

I need the logs corresponding to the video and the moment you plug AA. (But logs starting at that point with nothing playing in Symfonium.

Here you are, todays vidéos and logs


Ok so …

You have enabled the option Disable media session usage …

I’ll let you read the description of the option.

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