Android Auto get artist from playing song

Feature description:

I’m using Subsonic API, and always using Android Auto (this is the main reason why I choose Symfonium over alternatives). In the vast majority of time I use a playlist on shuffle and the playlist is composed by many different music artists, albums, generes, ecc.
In the screen showing the current playing songs there is all the information linked to that song (title, artist, album, ecc). It would be nice that, if clicked, they would bring you to the corresponding page (e.g., if I click an artist, it would bring me to that artist page so I could find other songs about the same artist).

Problem solved:

When I’m listening to a song in Android Auto, I’m looking for a fast way to summon all the songs from the artist that is currently playing or all the songs from the album that is currently playing.

Brought benefits:

It would be possible to quickly find songs of the same artist. If a song pops up in shuffle mode, you gain interest about a new artist and you want to listen to other songs about the same artist without the needing for looking it up.

Other application solutions:

I don’t use other applications, Symfonium is the only one that I could find that is able to connect both to Subsonic and Android Auto.

Additional description and context:

If you need any additional description, please ask. I would be happy to help :slight_smile:

Screenshots / Mockup:

I imagine just to have clickable artist and album fields, no big changes from the current UI/UX

This is a duplicate and the answer is the same, apps have no control over how Android Auto react to click and everything. We can’t touch the UI the only control we have is the buttons that are shown and those buttons can’t open a screen on AA in any case.