Android Auto - Display song list from playlists

Feature description:

Latest update brought this feature to Android Auto :

Android Auto album clicks now shows the song list and a shuffle button.

Which is a good time saver because Hey Google is sometimes finnicky

However, I have a big playlist with most of my favorite musics and selecting the playlist I want to play on the AA interface leads me to one choice only : play

Would be great if playlist clicks shows the songs list and a shuffle button just like album clicks.

Problem solved:

Awkwardly searching musics on a long playlist since Hey Google doesn’t seem to play and queue from Playlists

Brought benefits:

Selecting the right song on a playlist quickly, or in case of AA. The passenger.


This is a duplicate, I can’t display very large list of songs, albums have small number of songs , playlists don’t.

There’s Google rules to follow for AA to avoid issues and technical limits of how many items can be returned due to AA not supporting pagination.

I have to guess Android Auto is very restrictive for safety measures and mostly used with voice assistant ?

Yes see Android app quality for cars  |  App quality  |  Android Developers for a small extract of everything they enforce during their reviews.