Ampache / Subsonic: Incomplete library after sync with Ampache 6.3.0

Issue description:

After updating my Ampache to the latest version 6.3.0 and synchronizing the library, I noticed a large amount of artists, albums and tracks missing.

Here are some numbers:
Ampache 6.1.0 (the version used previously):
Artists: 4157
Albums: 4118
Songs: 50763

Ampache 6.3.0
Artists: 2038
Albums: 721
Songs: ca. 10394

I created a debug log and just uploaded it using my username as description.
The log should include first a sync with Ampache 6.3.0 and for comparison a successful, complete sync with Ampache 6.1.0. (the log starts with some entries relating to the 6.1.0 version, but switches to 6.3.0. fairly quickly, then back to 6.1.0).
I have two Ampache setups now for testing with separate databases.

Thanks for any help!


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Well this is support for @lachlan-00 he probably changed something that broke subsonic API.

There’s only 1 API to call so if the results are different the issue is server side.

One side note about Ampache is that it returns invalid results for getArtistInfo2.view

    "subsonic-response": {
        "status": "ok",
        "version": "1.16.1",
        "type": "ampache",
        "serverVersion": "6.1.0",
        "artistInfo2": {
            "biography": "Among Thieves was a hardcore band with members from Olympia/Seattle.\n\nAmong Thieves was also a Life Of Agony side project in between one of their break-ups featuring Danny of Biohazard.",
            "musicBrainzId": {},
            "smallImageUrl": "https://xxxx/image.php?object_id=6168&object_type=artist&thumb=34&name=art.png",
            "mediumImageUrl": "https://xxxx/image.php?object_id=6168&object_type=artist&thumb=64&name=art.png",
            "largeImageUrl": "https://xxxxx/image.php?object_id=6168&object_type=artist&thumb=174&name=art.png",
            "similarArtist": {
                "id": "100002807",
                "name": "Keith Caputo"

similarArtist should be an array not an object.

@lachlan-00 get the notification from here but if he does not answer you’ll need to report on github.

Okay, thanks for the quick reply. I will keep an eye on the ampache issue tracker.

I’ve got an update on this:
I solved this by accident (I think). I was wondering why only five of my 29 Ampache catalogs were being shown in the filter menu. So I had a look at the database table to check if I could find a difference between the catalogs being recognized and those not being shown.
There was one: The catalogs that are visible in the filter menu had a value ‘music’ in the column ‘gather_types’. So I manually added ‘music’ to all catalog rows and synchronized the Symfonium database. That led to all catalogs being visible in the filter menu. I then switched to Ampache 6.3.0, did the same, it worked and also the same number of artists, albums and titles are now being discovered by Symfonium.

I have no clue why this wasn’t a problem before but am glad that I figured it out.
Maybe the ‘gather_types’ column was added after my initial Ampache setup. I have been using the same database for at least ten years and maybe these old catalog rows were never correctly updated once the ‘gather_types’ column was introduced.

I don’t have an example for the getartistinfo json response. What should it be? The examples I have from a subsonic server don’t have this data.

The json is converted from xml so I can fix it up if I have the details

Gather type has been around for a long time but I might add a database update to check for bad catalog data.

Not having a gather type wouldn’t have been a problem until it was used for mapping and cache tables

In json it’s an array of object not a direct single object.

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It looks like it’s a bug when there is only 1 similar artist. unpatched server gets it fine with multiple items but i’ll make it always array to fix that.

Just trying to find an artist with one similar in my DB and i’ll push it.

new release in a week as well for all the fixes that came in