Always display disc subtitle if available

Feature description:

The app only displays the disc information when there are more than one disc in the album.

Now that the app supports disc subtitles, I think the disc subtitle should be displayed if available, even if there’s only one disc in the album.

I see two ways this could be implemented:

  • Always display the disc subtitle if it is available, regardless of the number of discs
  • Expose a setting to awalys display the disc info, regardless of having a disc subtitle (by adding the standard “disc #” text if the subtitle is not available)

Problem solved:

There are albums (especially classical music) that contain extra info as part of the disc subtitle, and that information is not displayed in the app when there’s only one disc.

Brought benefits:

Display extra information about the album if exists.

Other application solutions:



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Screenshots / Mockup:


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