Always display bitrate in kbps (not Mbps)

Feature description:

Currently, in the player and file details, the bitrate for files over 1000 kilobits per second are displayed as 1 MB/s, this conversion doesn’t help, and reduces the precision of information.

(Also, the B should be lowercase in all cases, as this is referring to bits, not bytes)

Problem solved:

In the player and file details, do not convert kbps into Mbps.

Brought benefits:

Very rarely do I have files that are over 2 Mbps, most of my files land in the 1000-1700 kbps range, which are all displayed as just ‘1 MB/s’

I don’t feel like this is too niche of a thing, people with music servers are often streaming high-res audio and converting kbps into Mbps is pointless.

Other application solutions:

Retro Music displays in kbps, this doesn’t fell cluttered and provides more detailed information about the audio file.

Additional description and context:

I have never heard of someone describing bitrate in megabits per second instead of kbps, for any content.

Screenshots / Mockup:

I was gonna put a few examples here, but i can only embed one image, so here is how Retro Music currently handles it. (also note the lowercase B)

Those kind of sentences are the perfect indicator that’s you are requesting something for your very own need and not some that works for all :wink: (There many other format with way higher bit rates)

As a reminder for 95% of the codecs the bitrate is variable, so the value does not actually mean much as it’s a medium value, having precision up to 1 kb makes no sense.

Anyway with that said I do not have a strong opinion for the 1/2 Mb range, so will keep kb for that range and add a single precision digit for higher ones.

Most music archival discussion is around FLAC files, the most popular lossless codec.

The assumption I made is that people are running media servers to serve lossless audio.

Now I’m just curious, as I have no idea what codecs could possibly have higher bitrates without simply not encoding the file. A 4K HDR BDrip is only like 50k kbps, and that’s because it’s mostly uncompressed video files.

Unless someone is storing songs in uncompressed WAVs (raw bitstream)…

Yeah, that precision is pointless for a 1400kbps vs a 1407kbps track, but the 70% difference in bitrate is currently lost between a 1000kbps file and a 1700kbps file.

Thanks, I have few FLACs falling past 2 Mbit/s, and the precision beyond that frankly doesn’t matter for me.

Flac is also often used at higher bitrates.

24/32b and 96khz or more requires higher bitrates. And all the associated codecs like DSD, MQA.

CD quality at 16b 44.1 Khz is not hires and while it’s still a huge part of the users many have now migrated to hi res content me included.

24b is nice, though few songs are mastered in it, and even the ones that are are rarely recorded with equipment that can actually make use of it.

I’d love if every song was recorded and mastered at 32bit/192k, but most just aren’t, so “moving” to nicer files simply isn’t possible.

Also, MQA is not a real codec, it’s snake oil.

Well many users have hi res files and many users want MQA even if well :wink:

Anyway as always there’s many different use cases and yours is not necessarily the main one.

But since 1/2Mb covers the vast majority of 16b 44 48Khz I have made the change anyway.