Alternate songs by artist

Feature description:

Ability to sort a list of songs by alternating artists.

If I have a list of 10 songs with 5 different artists I would like to see the list sorted like this:

  • Song 1, Artist 1
  • Song 2, Artist 2
  • Song 3, Artist 3
  • Song 4, Artist 4
  • Song 5, Artist 5
  • Song 6, Artist 1
  • Song 7, Artist 2
  • Song 8, Artist 3
  • Song 9, Artist 4
  • Song 10, Artist 5

Have this sorting option available in the Song List, as well as in the smart list options.

Problem solved:

Prevent playing the same artist in the following track of a playlist.

Brought benefits:

If you have playlists with multiple artists, this feature will try to prevent repeating an artist when playing the next song, giving a sense of having a better mix of songs.

You can also create playlists with only two artists alternating the songs with no sweat.

Other application solutions:

I think I’ve seen this feauture also called “Shuffle Artists” (or something like that) but I can’t recall where I saw this implemented :frowning:

Additional description and context:

A shuffle might do this, but not always, especially if your playlist is short or with few artists. Having an algorithm that ensures at least one song per artist is listed first before repeating an artist is a way better implementation.

The shuffle function and the mix function does that already in all cases.

If you have cases where it’s not the case open an issue with details and repro.

I’ve tried both and I’ve never seen that behavior, that’s why I thought it wasn’t implemented, I’ll report a bug, thanks.