Alternate background image when casting

When Casting music to a tv it would be nice to allow an option of which image to use as the background. Currently the album cover is shown and this is duplicated and zoomed for the background.

Would it be possible to either have an option of which image will be displayed as the background when casting (album, artist image etc) or just default to the Main Artist Image (shown at top of artist page)? I use Emby and the image file being shown at the top of artist page is the artist “backdrop” image in the Emby system. This is the default image which is shown as the background when casting music directly from Emby. There is also the artist “icon” but that is typically a smaller, square image which is not ideal. If you could allow an option in settings for which image to display (album or artist “backdrop”) when casting that would be awesome.

To make it short Chromecast is javascript and I hate javascript :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve tried to improve the receiver and failed so stayed simple, I may come back to that at some point but not soon sorry. (But I agree there’s room for improvement on larger screens).