Allow syncing of smart playlists to media providers

Feature description:

Hi! I’d like to sync my smart playlists with my media provider in the same way I can already sync my ‘dumb’ playlists. I know the smart functionality of a playlist can’t carry over to the server side, but it would be great if symfonium handled the smart sorting and kept a list of those tracks synced with the server (jellyfin in my case).

Problem solved:

This feature solves two problems. First, it allows symfonium smart playlists to be accessed when listening to a music library from a non-symfonium client (desktop, TV, etc).

Second, AFAIK there is currently no way to back up symfonium playlists other than by syncing them with a media provider. This is already possible for manually-created playlists, which is great. However, since smart playlists cannot currently be synced, they cannot be backed up.

For some smart playlists this is a non-issue because they are easily re-created. However, smart playlists that filter by user rating represent a massive time investment, as each individual track must be rated. Since user rating saves only on the symfonium side and cant be backed up, enabling sync of smart playlists is a solution to possible loss of this highly valuable data.

Brought benefits:

Greater feature parity when accessing music library from a non-symfonium client and increased data protection / redundancy for playlists.

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Well there’s many different things here :slight_smile:

  1. Jellyfin is one of the rare provider to not support user rating despite all the users asking this.
  2. There’s not yet export import of things related to providers due to complexity of the multi provider things, but once here they will include the ratings and the smartplaylists.
  3. Smartplaylists are real times with many things that change in real time, like playcouts, lastplayed or even just the random sorts, they just can’t be pushed non stop each time there’s a change as a smartplaylist can have 300 000 songs in it or even more.

Nothing I can do for 1 and 3. For 2 it will come at some point, just a long list of things to do and not enough users to finance all :slight_smile:

You can already backup your ratings to JSON files in Advanced settings export user data. Can’t import back from that, but still useful just in case :slight_smile:

Thank you for the thoughtful reply! It sounds like I should direct my feedback mainly at jellyfin, since the crux of my issue is syncing and backing up user ratings :slightly_smiling_face:

In the meantime, is there any way to duplicate a smart playlist into a normal playlist? In other words, take a snapshot of a smart playlist and convert the snapshot into a static playlist?

The simple way is to play the playlist then save the now playing queue as a playlist.

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I will give that a try :smiley:

Can you please provide any helpful details for me to submit alongside a feature request to the jellyfin team?

In the brief research I’ve done, I’ve heard mention of POPM, id3, and FMPS as methods of storing music ratings, but my technical knowledge of this is extremely limited, and I’m just repeating what I’ve heard :sweat_smile:

They are well aware just not wanting to for the moment.

I saw those and upvoted. I was planning on commenting for this specific use-case (symfonium) just to get it on the record, but I wasn’t sure if symfonium only supports ratings in a specific way. It’d be a bummer to see them implement ratings but not have compatibility with symfonium.

In any case, thanks for all your help. I love the app and look forward to where it goes from here. Best $5 I ever spent.