Allow multiple words in RELEASETYPE tag

Feature description:

Display a tag value containing multiple words (with no separators) as is, instead of inserting a dot between them.

Problem solved:

Some values for the tag are not displayed properly.

I use this tag with custom values to separate an artist’s projects. (For example, ‘Against All Logic’ under Nicolas Jaar), and this is why I am asking.

However, I recognise this is fairly niche, so I will point towards officially endorsed musicbrainz tags at Release Group / Type - MusicBrainz. Audio drama and Field recording fit this use case. I’ve attached a screenshot as to what an example tagged with RELEASETYPE ‘Field Recording’ is currently displayed as.

Brought benefits:

Album types displayed correctly and accurate to tag. This is potentially a very powerfully flexible organisation tool!

Other application solutions:



Additional description and context:



Screenshots / Mockup:



I won’t support arbitrary spaces in the tags (but can fix the field recording it’s not supported as I supposed no one used that one and it requires translations).

But you can easily use Non-breaking space - Wikipedia to have spaces that won’t be split.


Thanks for the workaround Tolriq. Unfortunately it does not seem to work. I’ve copy and pasted the character from both Wikipedia and, and I’ve tried tagging with both MusicBee and mp3Tag (ID3 v2.3 UTF-16).

It just displays as if it were a normal space seemingly (with a dot inbetween the words). Other Unicode characters such as Ç and ¸ are displayed correctly. Any ideas?

Be sure to clear tag cache and upload those files to repro.

Cleared cache, same result.

So, it seems other variations of the non-breaking space work correctly.

In order of the screenshot:

U+202F Narrow no-break space [works correctly]

U+2007 Figure space [works correctly]

U+00A0 No-break space [does not work correctly]

(Obviously, the actual labels are nonsensical and are for testing).

For my purposes, the narrow space works fine, but I will upload each of the files so you can track the problem down. I have labelled them accordingly.

The tag tool you used put a normal space here.

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Ah thank you! That’s annoying. I tried both mp3tag and Musicbee. The narrow space will suffice though.