Allow multiple "Local Device" music providers

Feature description:

I would like to have more than one “Local Device” provider configured.

Problem solved:

I have a large music library, which I access via Logitech Media Server (aka Squeezebox) on the desktop and from my stereo and via Symfonium on my phone (synced via Syncthing). I would like to divide my library into two or three sub-libraries to make it easier to browse in different situations. One library for the music I’m most interested in, one for my wife’s music, and one for the stuff that I only occasionally want to listen to.

Because I’m using the two very different systems, and to make management easier and more portable, I want to divide based on directory structure, rather than some metadata attribute. Over the years I’ve found that different music servers/systems have very different ideas about libraries and metadata, and something that works for one might not work for another. Solutions like “add a extra genre to each track” or “use the ‘Comments’ ID3 tag” inevitably fail when I want to use a different player or server. Metadata-based solutions also require modifying the data in each file, which greatly increases the risk of data loss. Segregating my directory is relatively safe, durable, and portable.

Brought benefits:

Other users may want to segregate their music based on directories. Perhaps podcasts vs. music, or a special dir for porn soundtracks, etc… Multiple Local Device providers would make it possible to exclude one or more directories from one provider, and specifically scan only those dirs in another.

Other application solutions:

It’s possible to add multiple remote providers; this is pretty similar.

So no won’t be added in this way, but as the same way as the other providers as support for libraries.

In next release when using Folder mode, when adding more than 1 folder, each folder will considered as a library to allow quick filtering and everything, and keep the efficiency of a single provider.

Solve most of the use cases, and for the very special one, it’s just a matter of moving the folders hierarchy a little.

That sounds great, and would handle my use-case just fine, as long as the filtering was persistent. Thanks.