Allow imported playlist to be toggled read-only

Feature description:

I imported a playlist from Plex and set it “online first” but I’d like to switch it to “read-only” and I can’t seem to find an option. Of course I can delete it and import it again, which I did. Once read-only there is an option to remove the read-only lock, so I figured the opposite should also be available.

Problem solved:

Sets a playlist read-only after import

Brought benefits:

Avoids delete and re-import

Other application solutions:

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Additional description and context:

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Once a playlist is not readonly it can be in a state that is not compatible with the server hence no way to enable readonly again.

Removing and syncing the playlist again is the proper solution.

Why does it matter what state a playlist is in? If the user wants to make it read-only at that point, so be it. They can sync it to the server before, or not, turn off read-only later and sync it to/from server, etc. Or you can prompt the user to take some action when they turn it read-only: sync now, make it read-only the way it is, etc.

Because as you said tons of possible cases and so solutions to write and maintain for life. While since you want the server version you can just import in 2 clicks.

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