Allow editing of Play Count / Last Played

Feature description:

Allow user to edit the play count and last played in music DB

Problem solved:

If you use Play Count as your criteria for randomization of your library, occasionally this play count will increment, when it shouldn’t. Several other players do this too, so I’m not sure there is a fix for this. (attached example from Symfonium; this was a song that was played from a smart playlist with criteria “Play Count = 0”

Brought benefits:

Allow user to modify music stats to their liking

Other application solutions:

Playerpro is the only other app I knw that can do this.

Screenshots / Mockup:

Hey, thank you so much for adding this!!

May I ask for another enhancement?

I can easily go to the songs, and delete the playback history there, but could you add the same functionality to the (smart) playlists?

Here’s my reasoning. I find the songs that have mistakenly incremented their play count up by using smart playlists, It would be nice if I could make that edit there, instead of having to find the song again in the “songs” tab.

Thanks for your consideration.


Just tagging you to see what you think of this last suggestion? (above)

No need to ping, it’s already added.

I just saw it!

Thank you very much!