Allow Continuous Playback by Album

Feature description:

When enabling Continuous Playback, add an option to do so by album rather than individual songs.

Problem solved:

I’m someone who prefers to listen to albums rather than individual songs. The “Album Smart Playlist” feature is excellent for this, but Symfonium reverts to queuing individual songs after playing an album if I select it directly from the library or via voice assistant.

Brought benefits:

I usually use Symfonium to play music while driving. Having to go through menus to reselect a by-album playlist is too much attention and interaction to do safely while driving. Having the app automatically queue by album without interaction would make this usable for me.

Other application solutions:

GoneMad has a setting to change the action when the current song queue is completed: one of the options is “Play Random Album.” See screenshot.

Additional description and context:



Screenshots / Mockup:



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Right now only way to play almums one after another is to activate album mix, wich is not very comfortable, because it starts playing from the first one.
Poweramp has this feature. If you play almum, the next one will start playing automatically after the first one is over.