Albums with same name are blended

Issue description:

With Android native mediastore mode and Symfonium Scanner postprocessing : when 2 different albums have the same Album Name : they are blended together, giving ridiculous result as shown in screenshot below.

Please could you fix this issue, even if it’s probably caused by Android mediastore ?

Logs: (299 Bytes)


Empty logs and lack of details about your files hierarchy :wink:

But have you read the doc about “Split albums” by provider setting?

And BTW SAF mode is recommended :wink:

Adding Album Artist as disambiguation criteria in Split albums settings seems to solve my problem. Thanks for reminding me of this setting (too much settings kills configurability)

btw : sorry for empty logs, I didn’t checked if Symfo had succesfully generated em, and my file hierarchy is top notch :

{Music Folder}
— {1 folder per Genre}
------ {1 folder per Artist}
--------- {1 folder per Album from Artist}
------------ music files

seems to be the wrong thread

Hum then I need proper logs, if the folders are different the albums should be split even with MediaStore (That you should not use :p)