Albums Not Appearing Under Album Artist

Issue description:

Some albums are not appearing when I browse by Album Artist in the library.
They do show up in the search results when I search for the artist.
If I select “Go To Artist” on one of the songs, it brings me back to the correct artist page, but the album still doesn’t appear there.


Upload description: moocowe

Additional information:

These albums appear correctly under the album artist in PowerAmp on Android, and MusicBee on PC.

Reproduction steps:



Media provider:

Local device




You probably have a mixup in your tags with MBIDs leading to 2 different artists.

Upload a mix of songs seen in proper albums and some not seen so I can see.

Or not every album has a MBID. I noticed that the old albums of an artist (which don’t have MBID tags) are listed separately from the newly added albums of the same artist which have MBID tags). The album artist shows up twice as a search result (with identical albumartist tags).

An obvious workaround would be to only separate artists by MBID when there are different MBIDs, however then problems might arise when you have artist 1 with MBID1, artist 1 without MBID1 and artist 2 with MBID2 with the same name (not very likely but possible).
It would no longer be obvious where the albums without MBID tag should be sorted in. Which is why I usually go ahead and tag the old albums with MBIDs when I notice that an artist has been split again.

The 5 that don’t appear were tagged by MusicBrainz.
The 2 that appear were not, and only have the standard Artist & Album Artist tags.

(Edit to add that the 5 non-appearing albums do have the same Artist & Album Artist tags, in addition to the MusicBrainz tags.)

I wouldn’t have an issue if the same artist appeared twice, at least I’d still be able to access the albums easily from my home page.

I have the Media Provider set to “Split albums by: Folder, Album Artist”.
Should this setting not ignore the MBID and sort the albums the same way as the other music players I use?

The albums are properly split, your issue is about the artists, and they are duplicated, one is seen as album artist the other probably as compilation artist. Go to the artist page and not the album artist page and they will both be there.

But again if you do not provide the files showing your actual tags I can’t help you more than generic answers.

The same 5 albums do not appear under Artist either.

Can I upload the files here somewhere, or do I have to use an external site?

I’ve uploaded one of the MusicBrainz tagged albums, and one of the files with only standard tags. I can add more if required.

Yes I’ll need the full albums then as this works

I have uploaded some more tracks.

(I tested with only 2 tracks on my own device, and both albums only appeared the same as your screenshot when they were in the same folder. If each track was in a different Album folder, then only one of them appears)

Edited to add more info about folder structure

Ok so after a few attempts, I was able to reproduce.

A small comparison error that could trigger this depending on the last album artist scanned from that artist having or not the mbid.

Will be fixed for next release.