Albums by Sort Artist, Year

Feature description:

For artist/album artist, I am using sort name. For example, Louis Armstrong is sorted as Armstrong, Louis.

Would like Album sort to be consistent with artist/album artist by sort name.

Problem solved:

The current “display artist, year” places Louis Armstrong as “L”, rather than the preferred “A”.

Brought benefits:

Consistency across categories.

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Additional description and context:



Screenshots / Mockup:


Albums can have multiple artists so this does not work properly in many case hence why it’s not here.

I should have said, “sort by sort album artist”. I would think that multiple artist albums are grouped by “various artists” or “compilation artists” if one has bothered with the sort name function at all.

That said, I respect your decision and this is a highly versatile and enjoyable app.

An album can have multiple album artists and so multiple sort album artist. This is valid and supported by Symfonium.
And different from compilations and various artists.