Albums Being Split Up Into Discs

Issue description:

I have some albums by the same artist that are being separated into discs that I do not want separated. How do I fix this? I have tried changing my media settings but nothing changed.


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Reproduction steps:

I am using the local provider with only the Musicbrainz sort ID album split settings checked. Some of my albums are being sorted into discs when they should be one album. I’m unsure of how to fix this or if I have additional settings on that are causing it. Not Without a Fight screenshots provided below as an example.

Media provider:

Local device




I need 1 file from those 2 albums and details about your folder organisation.

Your logs are empty without containing a sync.


@Steeltooth493 I can’t do anything without the files and the tags

I fixed it after editing my tags on my PC and then deleting and re-downloading the album to my phone. Thank you.